Monthly Archives: April 2012

Excited about Google Drive? I’m not. My files belong to ME!

If you’re all excited about Google Drive (Google’s answer to Dropbox and Microsoft Skydrive) you might want to read the blog post below first. After all, it’s your stuff you’re uploading, right? Err…. possibly not, once it’s uploaded!

Who owns your files on Google Drive?

“How could you post that photo online?” – email scam

For the Twitterati amongst you, this is a new take on an old problem. Now in email form rather than DM (direct message). For others, this might be a bit of a shock, especially if you have been a bit ‘unwise’ with certain photos in the past.

“Hey, how could you post that photo online? 3 Facebook friends sent me it today. Aren’t you worried about your job?” etc etc.

Rest easy. There is no photo. And clicking on the attachment will cause you more heartache than a shot of you naked ever could. Go to Does this smell phishy? – Is there really a rude photo? to see what one of these pesky critters looks like, and a few clues to help you spot one.