Monthly Archives: April 2011

Well, finally!!!

Greetings out there! I’ve finally decided to start blogging. That will probably attract some snorts of derision from people wondering how I’ve got the temerity to call myself a “techiefairy” and have only just dipped my toes (my very sore toes today!) in the phenomenon that is the online weblog. Newsflash – I have a real life too, and don’t just exist in binary witticisms!

I’m not sure what I will blog about yet. Possibly extended explanations of any current threats if I think they warrant it, but my job is supposed to be to make these things easier for you, not confuse the issue with a load of waffle.  There will almost certainly be any geek humour I discover on my travels along the “information superhighway” (sic) and who knows what other electronic marvels I might stumble across. Stay tuned (if you like, if you don’t I know some really good food bloggers you might care to cast an eye over :-))