Still using Windows Vista?

If you’re still using a Windows Vista computer, you may or may not be aware that Microsoft stopped supporting it on 11 April this year. That means no more updates, even cruicial ones, and that will leave you exposed to risk even with antivirus programs installed and kept up to date. The Wannacry infection that brought the NHS to its knees earlier this year is a textbook example of this.

If you live in Yorkshire* and would like a FREE** check to see if your PC will upgrade to a newer version or if you’ll have to buy a new one, please contact me if interested, via Twitter or email.

*for a visit in person, the area covered is most of West Yorkshire and areas around the West/North Yorkshire border. However, I may still be able to help you remotely if you live further afield. Please ask.

**the check is completely free whether you decide to upgrade, or buy new, or any other option. It is also not conditional on retaining Techie Fairy to do the work, although of course I would be delighted if you did.

Microsoft Office 2013 – a U-turn

A few days ago I wrote a slightly less than complimentary post about Microsoft’s seemingly draconian and frankly dumb licensing terms for full retail Office 2013. And it seems mine was not the only dissenting voice. Microsoft have (for the first time that I can ever remember) listened to the global wailing and gnashing of teeth and issued this complete about-face:

ZDNet article – Microsoft Restores Transfer Rights for Retail Office 2013.

Yay for people power. And yay for common sense! Although I still think it should cost a lot less than it does when LibreOffice is available fer nowt!

Office 2013 licence terms. Read the small print – then don’t buy it!

I followed a link from a discussion on one of my LinkedIn groups today, because the title intrigued me:-

Microsoft: Office 2013 license is for one PC, FOREVER

Now, I was initially confused. “Surely Office licences have always been forever?” I thought. The real arrogance of Microsoft only becomes clear when you follow the link to The Register article and read the subtitle – “Can’t be transferred, even to yourself”

Yes folks it looks like it’s true. ..Read the rest, if you like 🙂

Welcome to my website – it’s only taken 10 years!

Hello and welcome. I finally have something I can make into a smart, informative, and useful website. I’ve had a domain name (previously Carlton Consultants till I changed the name last year) for more years than I care to remember. But, like mechanics and their cars, or builders and their houses, my website has had to make do and mend, being either non-existent or half finished for all that time.

But I intend to rectify this, with the help of some very good people and friends, so – watch this space!

The straw that broke the camel’s back

So, as you can see, I didn’t really get into this blogging thing. Until now. Driven back here by the necessity that is yet more unnecessary privacy-infringing safety-compromosing “improvements” by the once pleasant and useful Facebook. And, in a way, I’m glad. I will be sorry to leave, although it is nowhere near as friendly and supportive as it once was, and …Read the rest, if you like 🙂

Well, finally!!!

Greetings out there! I’ve finally decided to start blogging. That will probably attract some snorts of derision from people wondering how I’ve got the temerity to call myself a “techiefairy” and have only just dipped my toes (my very sore toes today!) in the phenomenon that is the online weblog. Newsflash – I have a real life too, and don’t just exist in binary witticisms!

I’m not sure what I will blog about yet. Possibly extended explanations of any current threats if I think they warrant it, but my job is supposed to be to make these things easier for you, not confuse the issue with a load of waffle.  There will almost certainly be any geek humour I discover on my travels along the “information superhighway” (sic) and who knows what other electronic marvels I might stumble across. Stay tuned (if you like, if you don’t I know some really good food bloggers you might care to cast an eye over :-))